Hi Friends,

In today’s world it’s easy to forget to stop and smell the roses, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, really taste and savor our meals, actually listen to our loved ones, take the time to get out of our work-out clothes and basically breath…  Be fully aware while you are alive!

I want to give everyone a little slice of finding beauty in our everyday lives. Incorporate one little tip at a time and make it your own. Some of it you may find inspirational and useful while some of it may not resonate with you at all. Hopefully all of it will inspire you to look for the beauty around you and bring it closer into your daily consciousness and incorporate it into your approach to every task you undertake.

We all learn from our first attempts at something new, tweak and refine it until we get it just right. Multi-dimensional people never stop learning. Be more playful in what you are trying to achieve and don’t take it so seriously. Empower yourself to try something new. Believe in yourself and things will work out! Everything doesn’t always end up perfect, but so what?

I will be sharing simple tips for several aspects of our lives. If we feel less stress because we are more organized, more thoughtful about how we nourish our bodies, consume responsibly, and surround ourselves with meaningful beauty we become happier, healthier individuals. Health is truly the new wealth! You can live beautifully, WHY NOT?

My Best,

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