At Home

♦ Heart Healthy Dinner

I’m not one of those super organized people who has dinner planned out days in advance.  Instead, I just make sure I have plenty of options available at a moment’s notice to prepare whatever happens to appeal to me at the time.  This can be tricky of course because you can’t keep many things fresh […]

♦ How To: Make Home Renovations Designed To Look Aged

Hi Iyna, In response to your query I have listed several tips for renovation projects that I used on my own home recently. The project was an 8,000 sq. ft. structure overlooking the Pacific in Malibu. The following ideas were employed  to transform a tacky early nineties house with no specific style identity, with a great […]

♦ Hide Clutter in Plain Sight with Covered Boxes

Before                           After Uses for Covered Boxes: 1.Concealing that extra roll 2. Storing craft supplies, crayons, felt pens, paints and brushes 3. Organizing extra toiletries 4. Holding your nightstand essentials 5. Protecting a child’s treasures, found rocks, pinecones, seashells 6. Save love letters […]

♦ Monochromatic Rooms

Pretty shades of pink When planning a room or an outfit, think monocromatically.  Mixing texture and pattern create interest. Silk, velvet, linen and quilted cotton along with crisp ruffled sheets give this room plenty of tactile and visual interest. The use of one color keeps it restful and soothing. Finish it off with a piece […]

♦ Silk as a health and beauty aid

Ten Reasons to sleep on Silk: 1. it’s hypoallergenic 2. has antimicrobial properties 3. offers protection from environmental elements, stress and fatigue 4. resistant to dust mites 5. protects skin from wrinkling and aging 6. promotes rest and rejuvenation 7. silk lasts up to 10 times longer than cotton 8. provides nutrients to skin and […]

♦ Beautiful storage ideas

There is absolutely no reason why the foods your family eats daily can’t be stored in plain sight!  Clear glass jars make it easy to see when it’s time to restock frequently served foods and it makes helping oneself simpler for your kids!  These glass jars sit directly above the drawers holding cereal bowls and […]

♦ Mixing Architectural Mouldings

It blows my mind every time I think about the fact that some of the most popular mouldings used today  on our architecture and interior furnishings go as far back as 500 b.c.!! One of my favorite mouldings is the Acanthus leaf motif found on Corithian columns, furiture, etc.  It was first used in Classic […]

♦ Instant Warmth!

Antiques give authenticity, history and a sense of security to a new interior.   I had just completed this two story study.  The custom bookshelves were stained a dark Mahogany.  The walls were navy Venetian plaster and the floors a dark walnut.  What the room needed was a “past”.  I found the perfect wool chenille […]