Sustainable Living

♦ Someone else’s Cast off is another person’s treasure

After:  With Taupe wood stain ragged over the surface and silver leaf painted on details and hardware, it matches my existing pieces. Before: This piece was too yellow for my taste. Silver leaf details                                           […]

♦ Repurpose Your furnishings then it’s all in the details

I could have designed new drapes, tossed out the sofa, bought a new headboard and generally come up with an original color scheme for my guest room! Instead, I took the drapes and sofa from the study in our previous home. I cut the drapes into four panels to create the bed drapes and still have […]

♦ Create a Water Saving “Fountain”

Fountains are beautiful focal points and add beauty and interest to our gardens.  Sometimes it’s just not feasible or practical to have them piped into water.  I had to repurpose this fountain that was formerly at the side of my swimming pool.  Instead of spilling back into my pool, the water spilled onto my deck […]

♦ My Secret Garden Gate

Antique door from Berbere Imports I love old architectural elements!  They add a layer of texture and interest to whatever they imbellish.  I like to use them in unconventional ways.  When we bought our home it came with an antique front door that was ten feet tall.  The door is from Malaysia and was anything but […]