In The Garden

♦ Brussels Sprouts, Cranberries and Pecans

Brussels Spouts have never been so good! I just threw this together last night and it was quite delicious! Sprouts: halved, cranberries, onion, garlic orange rind and juice from 3 oranges sauteed in canola oil. Pecans sauteed with Chipotle pepper seasoning and sea salt. Cool. Add to sprouts and add a few sprinkles of sea […]

♦ Roof top Container Gardening

I love waking up in the morning, stepping outside my bedroom onto my balcony only to be met by a cluster of ripe and juicy strawberries and blueberry bushes!  It only gets better at the end of a sunny day when they are nice and warm and the flavor is intensified!  Container gardening is a […]

♦ Practical and Easy Lavender uses

Sometimes I walk through my lavender garden just to decompress.  Rubbing the buds between two fingers and inhaling it’s soothing aroma is often enough to re-energize! If you can have only one plant on your patio, front porch or balcony make it Lavender. It is the most versatile essential oil and is often used to […]

♦ Save The Roses!

Just this past May my daughter Natalie and I were riding horses past a beautiful pink hedge of roses all in a massive bloom!  Yesterday I rode by the same property where they were renovating the home and ripping out all the landscaping including the one hundred pink rose bushes!!!!!  My jaw dropped, but I […]

♦ Biodynamic Gardening

I never thought I would become a farmer! Kale from my Veggie Garden! I’ve always loved flowers and plants, and landscaping is one of my great passions – but farming??  I think just hearing so many horror stories about how food and livestock are “processed” sent me on a journey to search for healthy, sound alternatives to […]