Entertaining With Susan

♦ Tuscan Wedding Understated and Elegant

                                                Beautiful yet elegantly understated Tuscan Inspired wedding took place at my home recently.   Here are some shots of how to do it with

♦ Masquerade Halloween Party!

The wig was a great time saver! Fabulous French Baroque Masquerade Halloween Party! Keep It Simple! 1. Costume –   This will influence everything! 2.  Luminarias – to direct guests to entry. 3. Party favors –  are a nice touch. 4. Decorations/Balloons –  kept simple and thematic but useful 5. Centerpieces –  need not be […]

♦ Tres Delicious In A Pinch

Once a month my darling girlfriends and I get together for our French Club brunch.  It’s always 10:30 to 12:30.  My 13 year old daughter Natalie asked me what we do during our brunch. I explained that we ate a lot, shared a wonderful assortment of dishes and sometimes French food while pretending that we […]