♦ Looking for Love

I’ve been reading an amazing series of books called The Ringing Cedars Series and every time I have read  for about 30 minutes, I inadvertently end up having to take a nap to meditate and dream about what I just read! I love it. I was reading a section one night on love, the universe, […]

♦ Encaustic Art

Encaustic Art by Kandy Lozano I have the most amazing friends! Who knew that my petite and strikingly beautiful workout buddy created such unique works of art with hot wax while wielding a blow torch! Her work has so inspired me that I am learning how to do it from the master herself. It satisfies […]

♦ Cancer Victory

On the red carpet for THE WELLNESS COMMUNITY “Tribute To The Human Spirit Award” Gala A couple months ago my 11 year old son Michael joined me, my friends and family for a hike through Solstace canyon.  I don’t know how he managed to miss the bullet every other time because we hike almost weekly […]

♦ School Shopping for your teenager made easy!

After years of trying to get my daughter to wear the cute skirts I bought her I finally got smart!  Why try to make her wear something she won’t!  I took note of the “uniform” she had adopted for herself.  My secret to happy mornings and no more struggles?  Find out what her uniform is […]

♦ Nature’s Gifts Inspire New Dishes

After dropping off my kids at school, I started to prepare my breakfast only to realize that WE HAD NO EGGS!  Ok, that can only mean that someone has slacked off in their duties and I don’t mean Sunshine, Summer, Sunrise, Stormy, Starry or Sunset.  My girls lay the eggs whether they want to or […]