Health And Fitness

♦ Raw Lunch

A quick and healthy raw lunch I just put this together this afternoon. 1.  Fresh crisp and juicy apple 2.  Carrots 3.  Red Bell Pepper hummus 4.  Raw sunflower seeds I mix the sunfolower seeds into the hummus for a nutty chewy texture and use the apples and carrots to dip into it! I love […]

♦ Chicken Notes

I’m finally taking “key” in hand to write about something that fascinates me and that I mull over every day as I wash my eggs!  We have  six chickens running around our property, helping me keep my garden “biodynamic” by maintaining a healthy pest/no pest ratio and fertilizing my lawn (and often times my stone […]

♦ Pets for Healthy Living!

Dallas and Cowboy my”rescue” Great Pyrenese brothers.  I shaved them and they are feeling NAKED! It’s so easy not to exercise!   But when you have a furry friend or two that depend on you for their daily walk, you are committed!   And guess what? You are the ultimate beneficiary of the experience!  My […]

♦ Shock your Body into Shape with Diversity in your workout!

Before I open my eyes at six a.m. each morning I make the decision of how I’m going to shock my body into shape that day!  I run through myriad possibilities and depending on the weather and how ambitious I feel,  the choice is made.  Only then do I open my eyes and charge for […]

♦ Practical and Easy Lavender uses

Sometimes I walk through my lavender garden just to decompress.  Rubbing the buds between two fingers and inhaling it’s soothing aroma is often enough to re-energize! If you can have only one plant on your patio, front porch or balcony make it Lavender. It is the most versatile essential oil and is often used to […]

♦ Top Ten Green Smoothie Ingredients for maximum benefits

I start the day running – literally, and I don’t slow down until about 7 in the evening! I just try and “pack it all in”.   My secret is my breakfast smoothie!  I have fondly referred to it as “pond scum” and several other names depending on what color it happens to be that […]