Monthly Archives: September 2010

♦ School Shopping for your teenager made easy!

After years of trying to get my daughter to wear the cute skirts I bought her I finally got smart!  Why try to make her wear something she won’t!  I took note of the “uniform” she had adopted for herself.  My secret to happy mornings and no more struggles?  Find out what her uniform is […]

♦ Roof top Container Gardening

I love waking up in the morning, stepping outside my bedroom onto my balcony only to be met by a cluster of ripe and juicy strawberries and blueberry bushes!  It only gets better at the end of a sunny day when they are nice and warm and the flavor is intensified!  Container gardening is a […]

♦ Nature’s Gifts Inspire New Dishes

After dropping off my kids at school, I started to prepare my breakfast only to realize that WE HAD NO EGGS!  Ok, that can only mean that someone has slacked off in their duties and I don’t mean Sunshine, Summer, Sunrise, Stormy, Starry or Sunset.  My girls lay the eggs whether they want to or […]

♦ Repurpose Your furnishings then it’s all in the details

I could have designed new drapes, tossed out the sofa, bought a new headboard and generally come up with an original color scheme for my guest room! Instead, I took the drapes and sofa from the study in our previous home. I cut the drapes into four panels to create the bed drapes and still have […]

♦ Shock your Body into Shape with Diversity in your workout!

Before I open my eyes at six a.m. each morning I make the decision of how I’m going to shock my body into shape that day!  I run through myriad possibilities and depending on the weather and how ambitious I feel,  the choice is made.  Only then do I open my eyes and charge for […]

♦ Create a Water Saving “Fountain”

Fountains are beautiful focal points and add beauty and interest to our gardens.  Sometimes it’s just not feasible or practical to have them piped into water.  I had to repurpose this fountain that was formerly at the side of my swimming pool.  Instead of spilling back into my pool, the water spilled onto my deck […]

♦ Mixing Architectural Mouldings

It blows my mind every time I think about the fact that some of the most popular mouldings used today  on our architecture and interior furnishings go as far back as 500 b.c.!! One of my favorite mouldings is the Acanthus leaf motif found on Corithian columns, furiture, etc.  It was first used in Classic […]