Monthly Archives: October 2010

♦ Pets for Healthy Living!

Dallas and Cowboy my”rescue” Great Pyrenese brothers.  I shaved them and they are feeling NAKED! It’s so easy not to exercise!   But when you have a furry friend or two that depend on you for their daily walk, you are committed!   And guess what? You are the ultimate beneficiary of the experience!  My […]

♦ Cancer Victory

On the red carpet for THE WELLNESS COMMUNITY “Tribute To The Human Spirit Award” Gala A couple months ago my 11 year old son Michael joined me, my friends and family for a hike through Solstace canyon.  I don’t know how he managed to miss the bullet every other time because we hike almost weekly […]

♦ Beautiful storage ideas

There is absolutely no reason why the foods your family eats daily can’t be stored in plain sight!  Clear glass jars make it easy to see when it’s time to restock frequently served foods and it makes helping oneself simpler for your kids!  These glass jars sit directly above the drawers holding cereal bowls and […]