Monthly Archives: November 2010

♦ Hide Clutter in Plain Sight with Covered Boxes

Before                           After Uses for Covered Boxes: 1.Concealing that extra roll 2. Storing craft supplies, crayons, felt pens, paints and brushes 3. Organizing extra toiletries 4. Holding your nightstand essentials 5. Protecting a child’s treasures, found rocks, pinecones, seashells 6. Save love letters […]

♦ Monochromatic Rooms

Pretty shades of pink When planning a room or an outfit, think monocromatically.  Mixing texture and pattern create interest. Silk, velvet, linen and quilted cotton along with crisp ruffled sheets give this room plenty of tactile and visual interest. The use of one color keeps it restful and soothing. Finish it off with a piece […]

♦ Silk as a health and beauty aid

Ten Reasons to sleep on Silk: 1. it’s hypoallergenic 2. has antimicrobial properties 3. offers protection from environmental elements, stress and fatigue 4. resistant to dust mites 5. protects skin from wrinkling and aging 6. promotes rest and rejuvenation 7. silk lasts up to 10 times longer than cotton 8. provides nutrients to skin and […]

♦ My Favorite Cranberry Chutney

Like everything I do, I am pretty much initially clueless and work on the task at hand until I get it right! That goes for my Cranberry Chutney as well! I have been editing my recipe for about 25 years and am constantly tweaking it! It’s so delicious and savory that I can’t get enough […]

♦ Masquerade Halloween Party!

The wig was a great time saver! Fabulous French Baroque Masquerade Halloween Party! Keep It Simple! 1. Costume –   This will influence everything! 2.  Luminarias – to direct guests to entry. 3. Party favors –  are a nice touch. 4. Decorations/Balloons –  kept simple and thematic but useful 5. Centerpieces –  need not be […]