Monthly Archives: January 2011

♦ Raw Lunch

A quick and healthy raw lunch I just put this together this afternoon. 1.  Fresh crisp and juicy apple 2.  Carrots 3.  Red Bell Pepper hummus 4.  Raw sunflower seeds I mix the sunfolower seeds into the hummus for a nutty chewy texture and use the apples and carrots to dip into it! I love […]

♦ Chicken Notes

I’m finally taking “key” in hand to write about something that fascinates me and that I mull over every day as I wash my eggs!  We have  six chickens running around our property, helping me keep my garden “biodynamic” by maintaining a healthy pest/no pest ratio and fertilizing my lawn (and often times my stone […]

♦ How To: Make Home Renovations Designed To Look Aged

Hi Iyna, In response to your query I have listed several tips for renovation projects that I used on my own home recently. The project was an 8,000 sq. ft. structure overlooking the Pacific in Malibu. The following ideas were employed  to transform a tacky early nineties house with no specific style identity, with a great […]